• Can I apply my Rewards coupon with other promotional codes?

Unfortunately, it cannot be combined with any other promotional codes.

If you want to use your Rewards coupon with other coupon codes at the same time, the best way to do is to place two separates orders. It is recommended that you use one coupon code to place one order, and then place another order with your Rewards coupon. We will arrange the shipping of both orders together and the shipping fees of your second order will be refunded if both orders are shipped to the same address. However, if you place only your order with your Rewards coupon without other order, the shipping fees won’t be refunded. Thank you for your understanding.


• What are the differences between wild, semi-wild and cultivated ginseng?

American ginseng is grouped into three distinct categories that we found on the marketplace: wild, woods-grown (semi-wild), and field-grown (cultivated). Natural wild American ginseng grows in its native habitat without any human intervention. Semi-wild ginseng is grown from seeds that are planted in hardwood forests and are grown under cultivated conditions. For example, plants are grown in prepared rows or beds, ground vegetation is removed and often fertilizer and pesticides are applied. Cultivated ginseng is intensely cultivated under artificial shade structures using fertilizers and pesticides in the fields.

We offer natural wild and cultivated ginseng but we don’t have semi-wild. Oftentimes, the semi-wild you see on the marketplace is generally field-grown ginseng from Wisconsin with darker skin color and visible wrinkles. Rule of thumb, if you don't see a longer rhizome on its head, you don't pay a premium price for it.

Ginseng plant diagram

• What promotions do you have right now?

We have several promotions are running right now. But please note that only one coupon code can be used per order.

  1. 10% OFF for first time buyer: we have a promotion of 10% off for first time buyers, please click here to open the windows to sign up and then the coupon code will be delivered to your email address. (NOT AVAILABLE)
  2. 10% OFF for liking us on Facebook. Please click here to get the coupon code now. (NOT AVAILABLE)
  3. For any order before discount is over $500, please click here for more details.
  4. W Rewards Program: you may exchange your W points against coupon code. To redeem your W points please click here. To learn more please click here for more details.


• Why do I have no points or cannot find my account in the system after I have placed an order?

When you placed your last order as a visitor, though you have entered your email address, you didn't sign up. In this case , you don't have an account. Everytime you purchase something and you didn't need to enter your password you don't receive points in your account. If you sign up and then log into your account and place an order, the system will record points automatically, and you can also check your purchasing history too. So we suggest you sign up for an account.


• Can I place my order on the phone?

    Unfortunately, our employees are not allowed to take any sensitive credit card information from customers on the phone. Orders must be placed online using one of our three secure payment gateways available -- Paypal, Amazon Pay and Shopify Payments, which accept most credit cards.


    • I live in China, can I purchase ginseng from W?

      We don't ship our ginseng outside of the continental US. However some of our customers use third-party package forwarders to reship their orders to China.


      • How old is your ginseng?

      We hold great pride in the fact that all of our Wisconsin grown ginseng is at least 4 years old. Our wild ginseng is all at least 10 years old, most of them being about 20 to 30 years old (some are even more than 50 years old!)


      • What are your recommendations for products?

      Check out our Best-Sellers to see what everybody else is buying! Let your ginseng-loving peers do the work for you ;)

      • Why don't you offer wild ginseng slices?

      Slicing ginseng is a pretty wasteful process, and with something as treasured as wild ginseng, we feel that it's a waste to slice. When ginseng is sliced, there is a lot of debris and up to 20% of the root itself can be broken into small pieces, and therefore is not so aesthetically pleasing (though the quality remains the same). However, if you really want sliced wild ginseng, we are happy to provide the service at no additional fee.

      It should be noted that, as a result of the slicing process, there will be a fair amount of ginseng fragments, powder, debris, etc., not just slices, in the package as we will provide you with everything that has been sliced, and not just the 'perfect' pieces. Also, we are, unfortunately, unable to accept returns on custom sliced ginseng.


      • How do I slice whole roots at home?

      It's pretty simple, actually! All you need to do is just steam the roots, or put them in the oven for around 5 minutes, to soften them, then remove them and proceed to slice with a knife however thick or thin you'd like.


      • What's the difference between your ginseng and all the other American ginseng out there?

      Besides the fact that our ginseng is from Wisconsin, widely known as the best American ginseng, we like to think that we take an extra effort when it comes to the selection of our products. We don't view ourselves as only being sellers, but also as ginseng enthusiasts. However, we recommend that you try our products when it comes to deciding what makes us different. Remember, all of our products (except for specially ordered sliced whole ginseng) can be returned for up to 30 days after your purchase- no questions asked. Please read our Shipping + Returns page for more information.


      • I just liked you on Facebook, can I have my 10% off coupon now?

      Thanks for liking us, and of course! After you've 'Liked' us on Facebook, a new page will load, the Coupon Code that appears is the coupon code. Don't forget, all of our coupons are only valid for one (1) month from issue date, so use it quickly!

      If you still have trouble to get your coupon code, please clear the cookies in your browser and then try again the steps above.

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