Large Orders & Wholesale


Packaged Ginseng Collection

Whether you’re looking for the perfect corporate gift or you want to make all your loved ones happy with our beautifully packaged ginseng products, we are here to help! Through our Large Orders program, you will get an outstanding discount of 17%, 20% or 25% on the entire order for all purchases over $500; please use coupon codes SPECIAL500 for order over $500, SPECIAL1K over $1000 and SPECIAL2K over $2000. For additional information, please add us on WeChat: WGINSENGFARM or send us an email to This offer applies to all our in-store ginseng products unless otherwise specified.


Untrimmed Ginseng Roots in Bulk

Our untrimmed whole ginseng roots, in various shapes and sizes with prongs and with or without fibres, are available for wholesale. For more details regarding what batches are currently available, or for more general information regarding wholesale please add us as Wechat friends (Wechat ID: WGINSENGFARM) or send us an email to for more details.

* Discounts and prices subject to change without notice.