W store shopping guide

NoticeThis guide is an illustration for shopping on a desktop, mobile phone and tablets may vary.

  • How to select a product
  • How to go to cart
  • How to use a discount code
  • Edit a shipping address
  • Select a shipping method
  • How to pay for an order


1. How to select a product

* Select a product: Click a category from the menu at the top of website.


For example: Ginseng Slices

Step: ① Shop Products → ② Ginseng Slices


* Select package and quantity for the product: Click product picture, product name or quick view (e.g. Picture 1) to enter product description page. In product description page (e.g. Picture 2), select the package and quantity, and then add to cart.

Step: ① Select package → ② Select quantity → ③ Add to cart


Picture 1:


Picture 2:


2. How to go to cart

After adding to cart, click “CART” icon at the top right of the website, and will go to cart and see the selected products.



You can check package and quantity of the selected product in cart page.


Click “CHECKOUT” will bring you to the next page for checkout;

Click “CONTINUE” to continue shopping;

Click “Remove” to remove selected products;

Click “Special Instructions for the seller” for writing a message to the seller.



3. How to use a discount code

Click “CHECKOUT” will enter “Customer Information” page, use an applicable discount code at “Gift card or discount code” area, will get W Ginseng Farm benefit. After click “Apply”, the price will automatically become discounted price.

Step: ① Use an applicable discount code → ② Apply


For example: Use a discount code HELLO2019 will get 15% off.


Without using a discount code:



Use an applicable discount code:

4. Edit a shipping address

You can edit a shipping address in the page of Customer Information.

Step: ① Add Email Address → ② Edit Shipping Address → ③ Continue to shipping method

Notice: It is recommended that you register a W Ginseng account for faster checkout next time you place an order with us.



5. Select a shipping method

You can select an applicable shipping method in the page of Shipping method. If you want to learn more, please read Shipping + Returns.

Step: ① Select a shipping method → ② Continue to payment method


For example: The below picture is the shipping method for 4 oz. gift box of #42 Select Slices, shipped to W Ginseng Inc., 931 Ancestor Ln, Mosinee WI 54455, USA. (This is for your reference only.)

Notice: The shipping fee will vary depending on the shipping address and the weight or volume of the orders.



6. How to pay for an order

You can edit Credit Card information in the page of Payment method, and click “Complete order” to place an order.

Step: ① Edit Credit Card information → ② Complete order

Notice: You can select “Remember me” to save information for a faster checkout.



After clicking “Complete order” to place an order, you can check order information, shipping status or continue shopping. Also, the mail address or mobile phone message can receive orders updates information.